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Heyrocco at The Castle- Review

THE CASTLE in The Northern Quarter, Manchester, was filled with the grunge melodies from the American three-piece, Heyrocco, October 13. I was also there and here is what I thought…

Their first show in Manchester, yet their last show on the road in England before heading back to the US, Heyrocco welcomed the northern fans into their world of American-grunge last night down on Oldham Street. After supporting The Xcerts on their UK/Europe tour, the band returned to the UK to perform their own headline tour throughout various venues following the release of their album in June 2015, ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’.

Prior to the band’s headline slot at the quirky venue, the audience were warmed up by Leeds based four-piece, Humans as Ornaments. The alt rock band managed to grace the stage with energy, and capture the attention of the audience, creating the perfect ambience and atmosphere in order for Heyrocco to perform later on in the evening.

Not long after Humans as Ornaments finished their set, cool blue ambience lighting illuminated the stage and Heyrocco began their set. It’s fair to describe Heyrocco as one of the coolest bands ever. With their laid back approach teamed with their 90’s nostalgia, it’s difficult to disagree that the South-Carolina trio have created the perfect young, fresh, grunge band.

Despite their laid back approach, the band were bursting with energy throughout the whole set. During their first two songs, they demonstrated their brimming talent as musicians and their ability to work in unison with each other, as the timings were all perfect, during both long instrumentals and the main body of the songs. The audience was also undeniably engaged, bopping their heads along with the band’s spirited and lively tracks.

After the initial two tracks, the band spoke a few cool words and continued to progress into the third song in their set, ‘Loser Denial’. Also the first track on ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’, this track truly captures the bands sound as a whole, almost transferring the audience to the trio’s garage band practice in the heart of Charleston.

Heyrocco 2
Heyrocco- The Castle

The band advanced through their set with every song packed full of passion and energy, along the way touching on their most popular single Mom Jeans’, which arguably exposes the more melodic side of the band, yet still captures the audience with the same awe as the heavier and grunge songs. ‘Mom Jeans’ was then closely followed by the serene track, ‘Santa-Fe’, which front man, Nate, described as a ‘love song’.

After the two more tranquil tracks, Heyrocco then picked up the pace again, moving into their upbeat track ‘Elsewhere’, engaging the audience once again to vigorously participate. They then progressed into their next song, which Nate described to the audience: ‘this song is about LSD’, before continuing to throw a can of beer over his band members, drummer, Tanner Cooper, and bassist, Chris Cool, and then dancing around on the beer-covered stage in true rock star style.

Nate then decided to come into the audience and then played whilst within the crowd, pulsing energy through the four walls of The Castle until it was fit to burst with the overloading power of the grunge trio; ending their set on an all time high.

Accomplishing their first UK headline tour, this won’t be the last time Heyrocco will visit England if they continue with the same passion and live energy, whilst continuing to write catchy grunge nostalgia that sends you right back to being a teenager in the 90’s.

Definitely ones to watch, the talented trio are likely to draw a lot of attention, as they offer a new and fresh alternative to the generic indie music that is currently populating the majority of new and upcoming bands.


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