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An interview with Sundara Karma

EMBARKING upon their Manchester date of their UK headline tour, Sundara Karma chatted with me about their past year, their plans for 2016, and their opinions on ‘Tinder’…

After a busy few weeks touring with both Circa Waves and The Wombats, the Reading indie outfit continued to comment how their recent headline tour ‘started in Glasgow,’ but has currently been ‘intertwining with The Wombats’ tour’.

The four piece have been exposing their latest singles, ‘Flame’, which was ‘released before the summer,’ and recently released single, ‘Vivienne, which came out a couple of weeks ago’ up and down the country whilst touring with the two bands and starting their own headline tour. However, since the start of Summer 2015, the band also touched on a number of festivals, both small and large, over the UK to share their upbeat indie anthems with avid festival-goers and fans of the band.

‘We did Lattitude, Boardmasters, Calling Festival, Reading and Leeds…’ commented the band, ‘Reading was pretty cool.’

When asking the band on their recent favoured played gigs, ‘Leeds’ and ‘Manchester at Circa Waves’ were amongst the mentioned. ‘[At our gigs] we have a skeleton playlist; we sometimes change our minds.’

Having ‘been as this outfit [Sundara Karma] since we were 14 years old,’ it’s only fair to say that at the age of 19, the band have had a lot of time to refine their stage presence and their style of music.

‘We used to play to about five 40 year old men in pubs telling us they wanted to manage us. We had covers and we were going to cover Black Eyed Peas once- Dom learnt the bass and I (Oscar) still know some of the lyrics if it comes on now, but from the very early stages, we always had our own songs.’

Asking the band on their influences to their musical style, ‘The Pixies, The Doors and Pink Flyod’ were a small handful to name a few. However, the band commented that since the start of the band, their style has ‘massively changed.’ ‘It’s still changing now, people ask what kinda music is the band and we still don’t know what kinda music we are.’

Liking to party like most teenagers the bands’ age, I decided to touch on another popular topic alongside partying, Tinder. Tinder, the dating app that allows you to swipe left or right to determine a match between two people, is ‘loved’ by the band, with Haydn commenting ‘I’m on it every day’ when Ally responded, ‘Dom’s probably been on it during this interview!’

‘Tinder actually retweeted us’ commented Oscar, ‘We offered a free ticket to anyone who matched with Haydn…and he didn’t get a single match…But we got a lot of Retweets!’

Having shot to success reasonably quickly, the band told continued to tell me how they only ‘put a demo online at the start of 2014.’ In less than two years, the band have played on the Introducing Stage at Reading festival when they were only 17 years old, toured with popular indie-bands, covered numerous festivals in 2015, and are set to release their EP on 6th November. ‘Were loving it’, commented frontman Oscar, ‘were hoping 2016 is gonna be our year, we’re gonna f*cking go for it… and maybe not party so hard.’







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