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An interview with Half Moon Run

TOURING the UK next week, guitarist, Isaac Symonds of Half Moon Run chatted to me about the band’s newest album, current tour and plans for the year ahead…


Canadian indie rock band, Half Moon Run, have been bringing beautiful melodies to our ears since the release of their debut album, ‘Dark Eyes’ back in 2012. Filled with memorable songs off their first album, such as ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Call Me In The Afternoon,’ it was no surprise that the band would be back with a second album, which was released last September.


The sound of the band is undoubtedly different in their second album, ‘Sun Leads Me On,’ with Isaac describing it as ‘very different to ‘Dark Eyes.’


‘When writing, we build up the songs and play around with them, but that was the sound that naturally came out for the second album’.


2015 was a busy year for the band for writing, finalizing, and releasing their second album for the world to hear. Although quiet on the tour front, the band wrote a beautiful 13-track album, with Isaac commenting that ‘every song whilst we were writing it felt like the best song in the world.’


‘It’s hard to describe, you’re so blown away and you think it’s gonna be the biggest song ever… every song that we wrote-we just fell madly in love with it…’


It was after the release of the second album that the band took their new tracks on tour with them, with their current tour across Europe and the UK. ‘My favourite place so far has been Poland. It was my first time in Poland and the crowd were just shockingly into it!’ commented Isaac. ‘The crowd were acting similar to how a crowd would in Montreal.’


With Montreal being the band’s hometown, they were excited to announce that the band will be playing Osheaga festival this year, as ‘it’s a massive festival and it’s in or hometown so it will be a really memorable show.’


The band have also covered UK festivals in the past, as ‘during the ‘Dark Eyes’ album, one of the memorable ones was Glastonbury.’ With one of their favourite festivals being situated in the UK, the band seem eager to be back here for the UK part of the tour next week.


Having such a busy schedule, the band arrive in the UK on the 13th of March and have their first show only one day later on the 14th of March. ‘We have March the 13th until March the 23rd in the UK, where we play our final show at the Roundhouse in London.’


However, it’s not the first time the band have toured the UK either. ‘We’ve played in London twice and our last show at KoKo was awesome!’ But the band have gained a bigger fan base in the UK since their last tour, and are ‘doing the biggest venues we’ve ever done around Europe and the UK.’



‘I guess the tour will be different,’ commented Isaac, ‘we’re playing Roundhouse next so that’s kind of a dream, and playing all these massive shows are a lot of fun for sure!’







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