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Jack Garratt at Manchester Albert Hall- Review

AFTER winning the Critics’ Choice category at the 2016 Brit Awards and the BBC Sound Poll of 2016, it’s no surprise to see how the man with multiple talents, Jack Garratt, managed to sell out Manchester’s Albert Hall on April 9.


Despite appearing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and going through an acoustic blues phase in his musical career, Garratt’s talents have only recently been recognised by the masses.


Since releasing his debut album, ‘Phase’ in February this year, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has managed to take the UK by storm in a very short space of time.


Opening act of the evening was American singer, Kacy Hill. Her haunting vocals filled the beautifully historical venue whilst she played alongside two live musicians consisting of a drummer and keyboardist.


With Hill delivering a captivating performance through her vocals, drummer, Valerie Franco, delivered an equally as captivating performance, stunning the audience with her exceptional passion and engagement she had within the music.


Shortly followed by Hill’s performance, the ‘one man band,’ Jack Garratt took to the stage in his Looney Tunes attire surrounded by his impressive kit, opening his set with ‘Chemical.’


Closely followed was the popular track, ‘Breathe Life,’ which featured an impressive light display, resulting in casting a large silhouette of the musician on the back of the venue.


Between songs, Garratt interacted with the audience in an almost comedic fashion- playing around with an air horn sound affect whilst making jokes with the audience.


“It’s almost like you guys wanna sing along!” He exclaimed, before picking up his guitar and proceeding to continue with the next song on his set list- ‘Weathered’.


This was one of my favourite tracks of the evening. The song began slowly and was teamed with extremely ambient lighting, before the track was injected with extreme passion and the lights seemed to spiral into frenzy.


Garratt continued to chat with ease to the audience, and was extremely down to earth and thankful for the support the audience had given him up to this point in his career. His stage presence almost gave off the impression that he really doesn’t realise how talented he is.


Only over a year ago, Garratt was playing at the Castle Hotel to a crowd of only 72 people.


“What the hell is this!” he said in disbelief at the size of the beautiful venue and the masses of support he had earned in more or less a year.


Through every song the musician performed, he delivered a truly fascinating performance. It became difficult to comprehend how one man could create this kind of music through multiple instruments at the same time at such a high standard.


His talent in each instrument and vocal ability shows true dedication to his musical career and was absolutely mesmerising to watch.


Garratt also managed to squeeze in a cover in his set of Craig David and Justin Timberlake track, which was interesting to see his take on the song amongst his tracks from the ‘Phase’ album.


Nearing the end of the set, Garratt performed ‘Surprise Yourself’ and ended on ‘My House Is Your Home’ before returning for an encore. ‘My House Is Your Home’ seemed to silence the audience into awe. Just vocals and a keyboard, he proved he could turn his hand to any style or genre.


Returning with ‘Worry,’ this was an excellent song choice to end the evening and had the majority of the audience up on their feet- resulting in a well-deserved standing ovation across the venue for the musician with superhuman talents.











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