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Scouting for Girls at Manchester Academy- Review

SCOUTING for Girls, took to the stage at Manchester Academy on November 27 2015, our entertainment reporter, Abi White, was there to review the evening…

The pop rock band, Scouting for Girls found their fame back in 2007 after the release of their self titled album, which included the well known hits of today, ‘She’s so lovely’, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Elvis ain’t dead’. Eight years later and the band are still touring and releasing new music for the world to hear.

The night began with solo act, Mike Dignam, opening up the show for main attraction Scouting for Girls. With his electric guitar and his own personal bass drum, the raw tone in his voice certainly made the performance mesmerising. Mike engaged with the crowd, by telling jokes and asking for the audience members to join in by clapping- exposing his down-to-earth personality. He undoubtedly involved the audience within his set, somewhat putting the vocals of Scouting for Girls to shame…

His short set touched on songs about love, heartbreak and current affairs, topics every member of the crowd could relate to at some point during the set. Particularly well-performed tracks included ‘Addict’ and ‘Fight to Forgive’. Mike Dignam is certainly one to watch, performing in Manchester on April 6, 2016, at The Deaf Institute.

After a short wait after the outstanding performance from Mike Dignam, Scouting for Girls took to the stage, opening their set and following closely with ‘Bad Superman’. The audience were certainly involved with the set, clapping along to the pop rock melodies the band had to offer.

Front man, Roy Stride, kept the attention of the audience, by exclaiming, “lets really see what you’ve got, Manchester!” encouraging the audience to jump up and down. Although there was a lot of jumping and clapping, there was the occasional lull in the crowd’s energy through the lesser-known songs.

Nonetheless, the band pulled the crowd’s attention back by proceeding to perform the first song off their new album, closely followed by ‘Love How it Hurts’ which was performed particularly well by the band. It became noticeable by this point in their set that the band do rely a lot on audience participation, and getting the audience involved in their set is one of the most important things in their performance. This was a memorable song during their set as it is musically well crafted and one of the band’s best songs.

Another memorable part of the set was when the band performed their “rock song”. This song was slightly heavier, but relied on lots of strobe lighting to make the song appear heavier than it was. This song was followed by the band’s cover of the Bon Jovi hit, ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ a few songs later, which surprisingly generated the best crowd reaction the band had had throughout their set prior to their encore.




Returning for an encore of their new Christmas single, the band then played ‘She’s so lovely’ as their last song. This was definitely the best-received song throughout the bands whole set.

After listening to the whole set, it’s clear that Scouting for Girls’ best songs are the earlier written songs, with the hits off the first few albums getting the best response from the audience.

Despite slightly cringing at some points during the set, the band performed well and all seemed to enjoy performing, smiling through every song. It’s fair to say that the band satisfied the huge fans of the band.


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