King No-One review- DOT TO DOT FESTIVAL 2016

The four-piece band from York, King No-One, took to the stage at AATMA in the Northern Quarter in Manchester for Dot to Dot festival on May 27. I went along to see what the band had to offer…


Hidden down an alleyway behind KRAAK, the venue, AATMA hosted a variety of acts throughout the festival day, with King No-One playing at a later time of 23:30-00:00. For those who were still on their feet after a long day seeing artists, King No-One were worth staying for.


The four piece, which includes front man Zach Lount, guitarist Joe Martin, drummer James Basile and bassist Alex Townsley, have a brilliant aesthetic with their white jeans and front man, Zach Lount wearing an opened shirt, making for a perfect indie-rock band who know their style and the music that they want to create. They have the perfect stage presence and throughout their whole performance, it became noticeable that the band love performing live.


It’s certainly evident when watching the band that they have their rehearsals down to a T, resulting in an extremely tight and faultless performance from start to finish. Their songs provide infectious choruses and wonderful catchy guitar riffs teamed with remarkable vocals from Launt. Launt even came into the audience during a part of the set, microphone in hand- emphasising even more passion he has for his music, not that he hadn’t already displayed copious amounts of passion on stage.


However, with the venue being 18+ and the band being on at 23:00, it’s a shame they weren’t on earlier in the day on another stage so a larger audience could appreciate their talents. It seems that the band appeal more to younger people, which resulted in a missed opportunity from Dot to Dot by putting the band on this stage at this time.


The band proceeded to play one of their most well known songs ‘Millenium’ towards the end of the set. The catchy song stood out as one of the most memorable songs of the night, with members of the audience bobbing their heads along to the catchy track. The band gave off a powerful indie rock vibe which had the audience fixated on their performance throughout the whole set- showing promise to become very popular in the near future.


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