THE Essex born, RAT BOY, were on this year’s Dot to Dot line up, and I went to check them out at Manchester Cathedral.


With an early evening performance, teens loitered around the cathedral grounds basking in the sun and drinking cheap beer eagerly in anticipation for the band, before they entered the venue ready to cause havoc.


The band were playing following the reading four-piece, Sundara Karma, where the crowd had already been crazy enough to break the barrier, resulting in the band having to stop their set midway through so it could be fixed. It became obvious even at this point that it was only going to be even crazier for RAT BOY.


Once the fans had piled into the venue, the audience were teased with snippets of their song, ‘Move’, being played into the historic venue, only heightening the excitement that ran through the audience.


Not long after, the band walked onto the stage and was met with a brilliant reception before they played ‘Move’. From the very beginning, the crowd were extremely lively, chanting the ironic lyrics ‘You know I never say the same thing twice, well you know I never say the same thing twice.’


The audience stayed lively throughout the whole set, but it was no surprise given the maximum effort put in by the band through their whole set. The cheeky front man, Jordan Cardy, interacted with the audience at every given opportunity, which really displayed his comical nature that can also be heard through his lyrics. Almost everything the 19-year-old posts on his twitter is comedy gold, and this is certainly reflected through his stage presence.


Considering the band only had a short set list, a lot seemed to happen in such a short space of time. Shoes were thrown on stage, the mosh pits were constant, and Jordan even gave out a freebie. “Anyone want a hat,” he shouted in between songs, “it’s got weed on it!”


The rebellious breaking of rules seems to be something RAT BOY promotes, which is in no means a bad thing. Although the venue were trying to cut their set short, RAT BOY asked the audience which song out of ‘Sign on’ and ‘Fake ID’ they would like to hear last, but proceeded to do both. “I guess if you won’t be happy if we don’t do both songs, we’re just gonna have to do both” he commented, before the crowd erupted into a frenzy for the last two tracks.


After the two tracks, RAT BOY was offered more time. “We’ve done all our songs now,” Jordan joked, before they ended their set with ‘Wasteman”. Without even releasing an album yet, it’s almost certain that they are going to attract the rebellious and cheeky teens in the masses and hopefully there will be a lot more raucous gigs to come.




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