The Hunna review- DOT TO DOT FESTIVAL 2016

THE four-piece band, The Hunna, took to the stage at the Manchester Cathedral on May 27 for Dot to Dot festival, opening that particular stage. I was there to see what their performance had to offer…


Originally from Hertfordshire, the band has rocketed to success after only forming back in October 2015. The indie-rock band certainly know how to introduce themselves into the music industry, with their debut single that welcomed the band, ‘Bonfire’ creating a rather large stir.


It really is difficult to comprehend that the four-piece have only been the indie-rock outfit for less than a year. Their songs are loaded with anthemic qualities, invigorating melodies and energy, and have sounds that are a reminder of bands such as You Me at Six intertwined with Coasts.


The band clearly know their style, and it was interesting to see if they could pull this off on stage as well as they do through their songs they have already released. The audience were not disappointed.


Their short but sweet set half an hour set was filled with the popular tracks that the band have released, and the band delivered a faultless performance that proved to the audience that they deserved their place on the stage.13285736_1273345736010282_15234261_nt


‘Bonfire!’ A few of the audience members were chanting at the very start of their set. “Alright alright we haven’t even started properly yet!” the band jokily exclaimed. However, although there were some of The Hunna fans in the audience, there wasn’t a great deal of audience to band communication. The crowd were slightly wooden, which was a shame because the band’s songs are the perfect vibe for a lively atmosphere filled with mosh pits, resulting with little communication coming from the band to the audience compared to other artists.


This was by no fault of The Hunna, and it won’t be long before the band does receive the reaction they deserve. Gigs where fans have paid to see The Hunna in particular will probably be the perfect vibe, with sweaty teenagers creating mosh pits and singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs.



Having only having released songs that haven’t even been out for a whole year yet, there still were some members of the audience that were singing along to the songs who truly appreciated the band’s talents. The whole set was faultless and each song was equally captivating, but ‘Bonfire’ and ‘You and Me’ arguably received the best reception during the performance.


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