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An interview with Blossoms

WITH Parklife nearing, I chatted to Blossoms’ front man, Tom Ogden, ahead of the festival…


Their latest released single, ‘Getaway’ has recently gone down with a storm, receiving a brilliant reaction from fans both up and down the UK and over the world. Tom explained: “Annie Mac played it as her hottest record in the world when it was released and we were really made up with that, people seem to really like the lyrics and what the song is about.”


When releasing the single, the band also chose to release the track on vinyl, featuring exclusive B-sides. “The B-sides are only on the vinyl, there’s a song called ‘On The Beach At Night’ and we’ve also covered ‘In2’ by WSTRN,” Ogden commented. “It took quite a while to get the rapping down you know, quite a few times in the bathroom with good reverb!” he joked.

The band is also extremely busy, playing numerous festivals this summer, with Parklife approaching around the corner. “We’re playing like 53 festivals or something this summer- we’re going to Korea, Australia, Japan…loads!” Tom began: “There’s loads across Europe and the UK, obviously T in the Park, Parklife, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Y Not, Kendal Calling…Name one and we’re probably doing it!”


However, with this being the band’s debut appearance at Parklife, Odgen explained their feelings towards the festival. “We’re dead excited for all of the festivals but we’ve never played Parklife before. It should be good because it’s a Manchester festival, there should be a fair few people who know who we are and want to come and watch us… I hope so anyway!”


Featuring on a superb line-up this year, Ogden gave his own personal views on the line up. “From what I’ve seen, I really like the line up because we wouldn’t typically be playing alongside artists such as Izzy Bizu and Ann Marie. They’ve got a really broad line up this year and I like it. We’re all into quite a lot of R&B ourselves so anything that sounds a bit like that we’re well into.”


Amongst the line up, Ogden also explained why the band is fans of the likes of Izzy Bizu and Ann Marie. “Izzy Bizu’s playing and we all really like her song, ‘White Tiger’ because it gets you up for a bit of a party! Ann Marie’s got a killer tune called ‘Boy’ as well. We’re also looking forward to Wolf Alice and Bugzy Malone.


Drawing the attention back to the band’s set at the festival, Ogden explained that their set list would be the band’s “greatest hits kinda thing.” “The set list will have changed this year because we’ve got new songs so that should be fun. ‘Charlamagne’ usually gets a great reaction. We played it at festivals last year but people didn’t know it as well as they do now!”


After gaining a large following since their support slot at Heaton Park for The Courteeners last year, Ogden also commented on what he loves about the festival experience. “I like that you can see people that you wouldn’t normally see on a random stage. It’s nice that you can play to people who haven’t heard you before and you get new fans from it. Everyone is in a good spirit, the beers are flowing and it’s all a good vibe really!”


Blossoms can be seen at Parklife on June 11 2016.









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