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Samm Henshaw – The Sound Experiment II- Review

Following his debut EP release of ‘The Sound Experiment,’ Samm Henshaw has returned with an even bolder EP, ‘The Sound Experiment 2’, which together have seen the artist achieve both Spotify’s and Google Play’s ‘One to Watch’ for 2016.

Opening up the five-track EP, is the infectious track ‘Our Love‘.

A perfect opener, Henshaw manages to incorporate a catchy chorus and intertwine it with an equally as captivating verse. From the onset, Henshaw’s strong and extremely soulful vocals work beautifully with the track.

When playing live onstage, Henshaw performs with his band made up of close friends, often dubbed “The Sound Experiment”, similar to that of his debut EP title.

The band is made up of people he has met along his journey and childhood friends from going to church as a child.

The next track on the EP, ‘These Hands‘, seems to be influenced by gospel, and growing up in a church environment has certainly marked its footprint within this song.



The track ‘Night Calls‘ follows next on the EP, however has a slightly different sound to the other tracks.

Completely stripped back to merely the soulful vocals of Henshaw and his guitar picking, this track exposes not only his natural talent, but versatility to write songs on opposite ends of the spectrum.

The track also gathers momentum towards the end, creating a somewhat uplifting feeling – making it one of the highlights.

The EP quickly picks up pace once again after ‘Night Calls‘ with the ‘Chances‘.

This track does the trick to emphasise that Henshaw has found his sound and genre, but nothing particularly stands out within the track. Nevertheless, it is one of the catchier tracks among the five.

The EP is then nicely rounded off with the wisely chosen track ‘Easy‘.

A fitting finale, the track once again exposes his song writing talents and also seems to have hints of gospel weaving throughout the soulful track.

One can only imagine this would be a perfect ending for a live set too.


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