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Spector at The Deaf Institute- Review

SPECTOR fans filled Manchester’s Deaf Institute on July 26 for the band to showcase their debut album from start to finish. It was pretty obvious that the crowd enjoyed it whilst it lasted…


Releasing the album back in August 2012, Spector took their fans on a trip to the past following their most recent release of their second studio album, ‘Moth Boys’, released in 2015.


As the venue slowly began to fill, supporting trio, TEAR, took to the stage- also featuring Jed Lines, guitarist of Spector. However, Lines took to the drums in this set-up, with front-woman, Camille Benett on bass and Ben Maier on guitar.


Radiating a ‘cool’ presence, the trio set the ambience for Spector’s appearance, but unfortunately the venue didn’t start to become busier until after the support’s slot.


Around fifteen minutes prior to the five-piece band’s set, everyone’s personal space seemed to deplete as fans packed into the small and quirky venue.


As soon as the clock turned nine, Spector embarked upon the stage and were met with a sea of hard-core fans excitedly anticipating the first song off the album, ‘True Love (For Now)’, which then transitioned into the well known single, ‘Chevvy Thunder.’


The typical gig scent of beer and sweat had already filled the venue, and fans didn’t even pause to catch their breath between jumping around, creating mosh pits, and singing every lyric perfectly word for word at the top of their lungs.


Quirky frontman, Fred Macphearson, also had the audience in the palm of his hand from the onset.


The predictable set-list for fans familiar with the track listing of ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ knew to prepare themselves for the band’s more upbeat tracks. The energetic ‘Twenty Nothing’ played, before ‘Friday Night, Don’t Let It Ever End,’ left the audience short of breath.


‘Lay Low’ gave the audience a chance to regain their energy, whilst at the same time strangers were singing the slower track to each other with bags of emotion.


What is lovely to see is that the band’s presence and music seems to unite audiences together, with fans constantly helping each other out and interacting with each other throughout the set.


In-between song, Macphearson would interact constantly with the audience, telling them ambiguously to “enjoy it while it lasts”. Upon reaching the last 25% of the album, he exclaimed, “Maybe we should have made the album longer…”

‘Celestine’, the tenth track on the album went down an absolute storm, probably being one of the liveliest tracks of the night, before the band closed the set nicely with the finale tracks, ‘Grim Reefer’ and ‘Fade Away’. ‘Fade Away’ provided an emotional atmosphere and highlighted how much the band had grown since their debut album release.


Comically closing the curtains of the Deaf Institute, the band stepped in front of the curtain to take a well-deserved bow before leaving the stage.


However, it wasn’t long before the band returned to the stage with a few surprises for the audience.


The band returned with the popular tracks from their latest album: ‘Moth Boys’, and proceeded to play ‘Bad Boyfriend’ and ‘Decade of Decay’.


The audience then managed to conjure up all of their remaining energy for the final song of the evening, where Spector ended their set with the first track on ‘Moth Boys’: ‘All The Sad Young Men,’ -displaying a beautiful transition from their debut back in 2012 to their current album in 2015.




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