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Blossoms at Stockport Plaza-Review

BLOSSOMS took to the stage at the Stockport Plaza for a very special homecoming show on August 5, and I was there to witness the unforgettable midnight performance…


With doors opening on August 4th at 10pm, fans, friends and family of the band united as one in the Stockport Plaza theatre to welcome the band for their midnight release of their self-titled debut album: ‘Blossoms’.


As the first band’s to play the Plaza, Blossom’s and supporting band, Dantevilles, had an excitingly unique night ahead of them.


Beginning their set at 11pm, Dantevilles already had audience members stood up and dancing in the aisles of the theatre most commonly recognised for it’s Christmas pantomimes.


Performing a bright and uplifting indie set, the band only heightened the excitement for Blossoms to take to the stage at midnight, and unquestionably kept the audience entertained throughout their performance.


Upon waiting for the clock to turn 12 for Blossoms’ appearance, it almost felt a similar atmosphere to that of a New Year’s Eve countdown, as the audience eagerly anticipated the five-piece to grace the stage.


Minutes after the album had been released, the band proudly sauntered onto the stage to kick-start their homecoming performance with their first song on the album, ‘Charlamagne.’


However, the atmosphere of the performance was distinctly different to that of an ordinary gig.


As opposed to fans being caught up in a typically rowdy crowd, this was more of an intimate showcase of their talents, where the audience could fully appreciate the band’s album in it’s entirety.


The following tracks on the album, ‘At Most A Kiss’, ‘Getaway’ and the newest single to be released, ‘Honey Sweet’ played next.

The four first lively tracks provided beautifully catchy synths whilst hints of 80’s pop interwove between them.


However, prior to track five on the album listing, ‘Onto Her Bed’, front man Tom Ogden joked, “this is where it kicks a little left turn down the A6”.


As Odgen’s recognisable vocals filled the Plaza during the atmospheric piano ballad, it became apparent that they could adapt to almost any song.


‘Texia’ and ‘Blown Rose’ played next, with the crowd once again singing along to the recognisable lyrics to ‘Blown Rose’.


‘James Skelly from The Coral gave me this acoustic guitar,’ Ogden explained following playing ‘Blown Rose.’


‘This was the song that came out of this guitar.’


Following were the tracks ‘Smashed Pianos,’ ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ and ‘My Favourite Room.’


‘My Favourite Room’ became comically dedicated to a particular fan in the audience who had dealt with a recent break up, with Ogden changing the lyrics to suit the fan’s situation.


This track became a sing-a-long for the audience, heightening the intimate feel the performance in it’s entirety had.


“We’re up to the last two, is everyone ready for the last two” Ogden exclaimed as the band neared the end of their debut album.


‘Blow’ and ‘Deep Grass’ ended the performance, with members of the audience clapping along to ‘Blow’ prior to the chorus kicking in.


“I feel like Les Dennis is gonna walk out dressed as Aladin’ Tom joked. “He’s behind you!” the audience comically responded.


‘Deep Grass’ was a well-chosen song to end the album, proving to be extremely atmospheric, leaving he audience chanting for one more song.


“We thought we would do a new one for you” Tom explained to the audience, before the band once again jokingly played ‘Charlamagne’ for a second time during the performance.


Upon ending their set, Tom initiated the audience to sing one final round of the chorus of ‘Blow’ acapella, beautifully closing their homecoming show.









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