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Jordan Allen at Ruby Lounge- Review

Having only announced last week that they would be on the bill for Reading and Leeds festival this coming weekend, and playing their largest show to date at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge last Saturday, (August 20) it’s a very exciting time for the Bolton-based band, Jordan Allen.


As audience members began to fill the underground venue, it felt almost as if it was a trophy gig for families, friends and fans alike to celebrate the band’s growth to success over the past years.


And what better way to celebrate the enormously growing success, than with the band hosting their largest gig to date in their hometown city.


The evening was opened with an acoustic performance from Laura Ester, before the launch of upbeat guitar riffs teamed with catchy melodies were introduced by supporting band, Saytr Play.

Although the audience were mild during the initial few songs from the four-piece, Saytr Play managed to seduce the crowd.


Dancing and clapping along to the band’s upbeat melodies, most of the audience had become involved with their set, whilst front man, Fred Farrell embarked into the audience to sing for a short while.


It’s not such a rarity for a headlining band to have a good supporting band, but it’s not every day a supporting band can encourage the audience to be lively and become involved in songs they have never heard before.


Saytr Play really pulled this off, and will more than likely have gained followers from delivering this captivating and enjoyable performance.


Describing themselves as ‘refreshingly real rock and roll’, Jordan Allen took to the stage shortly after, opening their set with ‘The Boy That Time Forgot.’


This was a perfect opener to the set and really eased the audience in nicely to the evening that would follow.


The well-crafted lyrics were brandished from the outset, and it’s no surprise to see why critics have likened the band to artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Jake Bugg.


Undoubtedly, fans of these kinds of artists will relate to Allen’s songs, however, it’s unfair to pigeonhole the band when they equally offer refreshing rock and roll and the song writing from front man, Allen, is down to a T.


Allen is also someone to be reckoned with, with typically northern, friendly onstage charisma that will only further the success of the band. Allen chatted at ease with the audience between songs and introduced his comically named new guitar, Rita the Gretsch, to the audience.


‘Too Much Too Soon ’released in May this year stood out as a particular favourite with a catchy chorus line, before ‘White Lines’ and ‘Helter Skelter’, which were released only a month earlier played next.

The three songs released this year only provided even more excitement of what is to come of the band in this next year, providing promise to win over the hearts of even more fans of ‘refreshingly rock and roll’.


The band’s set in it’s entirety consisted of a variety of songs written through the years (and not forgetting inflatable pink flamingos), dating back to earlier songs such as ‘Remembered,’ ‘Daydreamer’s Girlfriend’ and ‘Set in Stone’, which became the concluding song of the evening.


Jordan Allen are a band to definitely keep an eye on this year and can be caught at Reading and Leeds festival this weekend!



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