Will Joseph Cook Review- Leeds Festival

WILL Joseph-Cook took to the Festival Republic stage at Leeds Festival on Friday (August 26) and our entertainment reporter,and I went to check out the set…


Being one of the earlier acts of the first day of Leeds, festival-goers loitered in the festival republic stage awaiting the appearance of the 19-year-old Tunbridge Wells born artist and his accompanying band.


Playing a handful of songs from his EP: ‘Proof Enough’, The singer opened up his half an hour set with one of his newest singles, ‘Take Me Dancing’.


Will Joseph-Cook and his band have a great aesthetic, with Cook and his guitarist supporting matching telecasters and the whole band’s casual style reflecting the singer’s musical style.


‘Take Me Dancing’ was a well-chosen song for an opener that had some audience members finding themselves nodding along to the familiar pop-track.


Despite arguably producing pop music, Cook takes the genre from another angle when bringing in his accompanying backing band, making for a charming group of young musicians.


“Thanks for having us Leeds!” Cook exclaimed before jumping straight into his next track.


The next track on the set list, ‘Streets of Paris’, ignited a spark of momentum early on in the set, proving to be a little more upbeat than the opening song.


The set then took a turn for the next two tracks, and the track ‘Hearse’, became a more relaxed pop song, before Will Joseph Cook swapped for an acoustic guitar to perform an equally as beautiful acoustic track.


Performing the acoustic track demonstrated Cook’s versatility as a songwriter, proving he can turn his hand to both playing wonderfully catchy pop melodies with a band as well as playing soulful acoustic guitar melodies teamed with his strong vocal range.


With two more songs remaining, arguably two of the best songs from the artist were left.


‘Beach’, a personal favourite, played next and had the audience jumping around once again following the recent acoustic track.


As momentum had gathered once again, there was only one song left to play. Before Cook and his band had the chance, the audience had already began to sing in unison the chorus to the track, ‘Girls Like Me’.


His luring pop vocals teamed with his indie-pop melodies make for a new and exciting sound, and the singer and his band were a happily refreshing and pleasurable addition to the Reading and Leeds festival line up.



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