Mura Masa Review-Leeds Festival

AT only 19 years old, Alex Crossan, better known as Mura Masa took to the NME/Radio 1 stage at Leeds festival on Saturday afternoon (August 27) and I went long to see his performance…


Teaming up with Dublin-based counterpart, Bonzai, to perform his ten-track set list, the Guernsey born star that takes early inspirations from James Blake delivered a star-studded performance that only demonstrated how he shot to the online fame that lead him to his festival performance at Reading and Leeds 2016.


A lot of the electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist’s tracks are inspired by heartbreak, opening his set with ‘Lovesick F*ck’.


Bonzai joined for the first handful of tracks, attempting to encourage the audience to participate with the set.


“How you doing Leeds! Make some noise, we gotta keep this one moving!” she proclaimed.


Bonzai’s appearance really helped to carry the set, as her lively nature spared the show from falling into a lull. But despite Mura Masa’s minimal interaction with the crowd, it acted as a luring device in the set, demonstrating the prolific artist’s passion and concentration he has for the music he creates.


However, due to him retreating out of the limelight, it may have proved confusing to unfamiliar audience members who may have believed Bonzai was in fact Mura Masa, or that Mura Masa was a duo act as opposed to solo artist. The reticent artist needed to give himself more credit within his set.


Mura Masa played a handful of songs from his debut, ‘Soundtrack to Death,’ including the electronic instrumental tracks, ‘Hell’ and ‘Lotus Eater,’ with ‘Hell’ being the heavier of the two and providing booming bass.

Although these tracks just exposed Mura Masa, it was pleasing to witness the producer’s pure talent without any distracting vocals.


‘Are You There’ then followed, which saw both Mura Masa and the return of Bonzai performing a singing duet before transitioning into the mundane track from the artist ‘Love for that’ –which features Shura on the studio version.


The little interaction Mura Masa also has with the audience also demonstrates his modest nature, which gives off the impression that the young artist really is naïve to how talented he is.


“This is my first time in Leeds,” he humbly told the NME/Radio 1 stage.


The audience we’re then treated to a new track, ‘Messy Love’, which seemingly has taken a little inspiration from Jamie XX’s track ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times, ‘prior to ending his set with his most popular songs: ‘What If I Go?’ and ‘Firefly.’


Bowing out with his biggest hit, the set ended on a high, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next glimpse of a performance they would catch of Mura Masa.


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