The Neighbourhood Review- Leeds Festival

The Neighbourhood performed on the NME/Radio 1 stage at Leeds festival on Friday (August 26) and I went along to their set…

Also referred to as THE NBHD, the five-piece American rock band who formed in 2011 in California took to the stage to perform their late-afternoon ten-track set, consisting of a compilation of songs from their debut album, ‘I Love You.’ and most recent album released last year, ‘Wiped Out!’

As the time turned for The Neighbourhood to embark upon the stage, the stage lights dimmed, ambient guitar feedback and vocals filled the tent before the white light slowly filled the stage and the band sauntered into the spotlight.

“We’re The Neighbourhood and we’re from California”, front man Jesse Rutherford casually murmured, before the band proceeded to continue with their set on the perfectly well allocated NME/Radio 1 stage.

The band’s black and white tone was maintained throughout their whole set, with only minimal coloured lights used, whilst the screens at the side of the stage also videoed the laid-back Californian band in black and white tones.

‘Afraid’, from the band’s debut album was well received from the audience as hands swayed in unison in the packed out tent.

Front man, Jesse Rutherford, is the perfect face for the band, as his laid-back attitude is reflected in the indie-rock melodies and aesthetic.

Halfway through the set, he removed his leather jacket to reveal a heavily tattooed chest, and there’s no denying that his recognisable vocals are calming and almost wooing, intriguing the audience even further into the fascinatingly chilling melodies.

However, apart from ‘Afraid’ from the band’s first album, the set never really gathered momentum up until the last three songs performed by the band.

Although the songs during the set were somewhat recognisable, it wasn’t exactly clear what Rutherford was singing and it became difficult to decipher what some tracks were until the back end of the songs.

Nonetheless, when ‘Sweater Weather’ played second to last, a cheer erupted through the NME/Radio 1 stage that shook off some of the drowsy energy that had filled parts of the set, and the track was instantly recognised as one of the most memorable parts of the set.

Pretty delicate lights of white dots filled the stage before the band played the last song and also single off their set off their second album, ‘RIP 2 My Youth,’ which proved to be upbeat enough to end their set and ultimately left the audience satisfied with their last two song choices.


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