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An Interview with The Indigo Project- Leeds Festival

FOLLOWING their debut appearance on the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds and Reading Festival,I caught up with The Indigo Project shortly after their hometown performance…


Originating from Leeds, the five-piece indie rock band spoke about both of their performances during the weekend.


“It was a home crowd today so a lot of people were there that knew us so we got a really good reaction from a lot of people- at one point, Joe [the singer] stopped singing and the crowd carried on!”


When asking about the reception from Reading, the band responded: “We had people singing along, which was really surprising considering it was our first ever time being in Reading.”


“It was also a lot dryer!” The band joked-given the boggy conditions in Leeds over the weekend compared to the dry ground of Reading.


Forming just over a year ago, the band explained how they came to find each other and became the outfit that they are today.

“We met mostly through school, but we’re all from different years- the oldest of us is 21 and the youngest is 17.”


Creating what they describe as ‘Big riffs and charming melodies’ to portray their music, I asked how the band would describe their style:


“It’s very interesting, very interesting and unique- it sounds like us!”


Yet it’s no surprise that the band create their unique style when each band member takes inspiration from different genres.


Jazz, metal, punk and indie rock were all amongst genres mentioned, which the band take inspiration from when writing music.


“We’ve got two singles out at the moment,” they explained.


“We’ve also got our debut EP that came out earlier this year and then we are releasing another single later this year, hopefully around late September or early October.”


With a handful of singles and an EP to their name, I asked the band what they planned to do with them following their performance at Reading and Leeds Festival.


“We’d love to go on tour if we could afford it!” They laughed.


“We do have some stuff lined up around the UK, though. We were only in Camden last week and York the day after, then we’ve played this festival and have a gig in Northallerton coming up.”


It seems as though the band have had a jam-packed year: “We’ve also done in Sheffield before and we’ve done loads in Leeds too.”


Considering that the band have done so many gigs over the past year, I asked about some of their highlight gigs that stood out.


“The O2 Academy in Leeds was really good to be fair, and playing Brudenell was amazing just because it’s such a historic venue, and loads of bands that we listen to have played there in the past.”

Considering the band’s dedication to their music, I also asked them about playing Reading and Leeds Festival in the future.


“By next year it would be really great to get onto the Festival Republic stage, but in ten years we would love to be on the Main Stage,” the band expressed.


What’s more, if the band continues with their effort and determination, it seems like nothing will stop this ambitious five-piece in their tracks.


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