Imagine Dragons Review-Leeds Festival

LAS Vegas rock band, Imagine Dragons, returned to Leeds Festival for their third performance at the festival, and I went to check out their set at the main stage…


Starting their set true ‘Imagine Dragons’ style, a long extended introduction echoed around the Main Stage at Bramham Park, Leeds, before the band emerged to face the thousands in the audience.


As the anticipation arose, front man Dan Reynolds’ vocals began to sing the recognisable lyrics, and it was only seconds before the audience found them chanting along to the track, ‘Shots’.


It wasn’t long either before Reynolds found himself at the barrier of the crowd- something he is well noted for doing during performances, resulting in a very excitable audience.


“This is the best festival in the world,” he announced, provoking the typical Leeds festival chant that could be heard across the weekend, with the crowd chanting in unison, “LEEDS, YOU WHAT YOU WHAT!”


“Can I see your hands out? Put them around your neighbour,” Reynolds exclaimed.


The band’s music really promotes love for both friends and strangers, and as strangers exchanged drunken hugs, ‘It’s Time,’ began to play.

Drumming also plays a key part in Imagine Dragons’ live sets, and this became a re-occurring pattern before and after every song played.


However, these instrumentals between songs did become slightly tedious at this point, which lost quite a portion of the audiences to chatter when the band weren’t performing a song.


It’s evident that the band really appreciates music, and how they also show and take interest in other acts the festival showcase.


“How good were Slaves? How good were Eagles of Death Metal?” Reynolds exclaimed excitedly.



Following ‘Gold,’ an impressive guitar solo followed as Dan Reynolds strutted around the stage topless.


This transitioned into one of the most famous guitar solos of all time – ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ before the melodies slowly but surely changed to ‘I’m So Sorry.’


A series of songs from the first album, including ‘Demons,’ ‘Amsterdam, ‘and ‘On Top of the World,’ were next on the set list, which was arguably the most well-received part of the set, and the band made the right decision to heavily dominate their set with songs off their first album.


‘I Bet My Life,’ then played as the band neared the end of their set, and it became obvious through watching that their music is perfect for festivals and appeals to a wide variety of people.

Their tracks are all upbeat and filled with anthemic qualities, before their final song, ‘Radioactive’ ending their set.


The audience reacted best to this track- arguably the band’s most popular track.


With the whole crowd mimicking a dramatic gasp of air which plays in the track, smiles spread across faces as it proved comical to hear thousands of people doing so in unison.



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