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Young Kato at Sound Control- Review

SIX-PIECE band, Young Kato, took to the stage at Sound Control on Tuesday (October 4th) following their appearance at The Ruby Lounge last year. I went along to see what the evening had to offer…


Famously recognised for their appearance on ‘Made in Chelsea’ back in 2013, the indie-pop band from Cheltenham made their second return to Sound Control, making their debut appearance at the venue two years prior at Dot to Dot festival.


With two new releases this year, ‘I Wanna Shake You Out Of It’ and ‘One. Two. Three Four,’ this tour almost seemed a way for the band to showcase their upcoming new music, with a clear 80’s influence weaving through both tracks.


The evening began with supports from Larkins and Youth Club.


Despite appearing first on the bill of the evening, Glossop-born band, Larkins, managed to grasp the attention of all those in the audience.

They know how to work an audience and undoubtedly filled every song with as much passion as the last, playing their latest single ‘Velvet’ within their set and enthusiastically immersing themselves within the music.


The same could be said for second band, Youth Club.


Effortless charisma from the band once again held the audience’s attention, before Young Kato took to the stage shortly after.

Opening their set with a new release, ‘One. Two, Three. Four,’ the audience were familiar with the initial track, despite it not being on their debut album.


In the band’s own words, the song marks the “Start of the next chapter for Young Kato’, making for a well-chosen opener to the set, as it introduced the audience to their new sound immediately.


The band then proceeded to play three songs off their debut, ‘Remedy,’ ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Stephanie.’


However, despite these being well-known tracks, the band’s energy on stage was sadly not reflected as much as anticipated through the audience’s reaction.


Although the crowd appeared to be enjoying themselves, it became more of a ‘stand and watch gig’ as opposed to a ‘lively gig’.


Two new and unheard songs played next, ‘Secrets’ and ‘Sweet Desire’. The new tracks are a perfect representation of the new sound and were well executed by the band.


‘Runaway’ off the debut then played next on the ten-track set list. It can’t be denied that the band create feel-good music, it was just a shame that not one mosh pit erupted during the whole evening.


It was during the band’s most popular song, ‘Drink, Dance, Play,’ that the crowd finally got into the rhythm.

Arguably the party starter and the party closer of the set, ‘Drink. Dance. Play’ visibly by far received the biggest reaction, before ‘Sunshine’ and ‘I Wanna Shake You Out Of It’ concluded the set.



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