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JAWS at Sound Control- Review

TWO years since their ‘Be Slowly’ tour, JAWS returned to Manchester last night, this time at Sound Control, with their new album, ‘Simplicity.’ I went along for the evening…


Quays Sessions’ Rinse opened up the show in Sound Control attic, before Cosmo Pyke was last to take to the stage before JAWS tore up the venue.


Pyke, the 18-year-old singer songwriter hailing from London, wooed the audience with his bluesy melodies, inspired by his heavily influenced blues, jazz and hip-hop upbringing.


The scents of beer lingered in the air as teenagers in their masses filled up the sold out show; most of them drunk and showered with glitter.


As an ambient buzz filled the attic and the lights dimmed, JAWS were met with an eager cheer, before they plunged straight into the first track off their new album, ‘Just a Boy’.


Despite the departure of the former bassist, Jake Cooper, the change in the line-up didn’t affect the performance, as the band still performed a variety of songs taken from EP’s, ‘Be Slowly’ and ‘Simplicity.’


Following next on the 15-track set list was ‘Stay In,’ taken from the 2013 EP, ‘Milkshake.’ Despite being released three years ago, the younger fans were still familiar with the older tracks.


It was a shame to not see the 2012 track, ‘Toucan Surf’ on the set list, but the bigger sound of ‘Simplicity’ as an album in comparison to their other releases more than made up for it’s absence.


“This song’s called work it out, lets have a little dance,” front man Connor Schofield encouraged. “Lets play the song before I say anything stupid,” he added.


But despite Schofield doubting his audience interaction, his relationship with the crowd was perfect for a front man- engaging and chatting to the audience.


‘17’ taken from ‘Simplicity’ gave the crowd a chance to catch their breath, and also demonstrated the band’s dynamics and their improved and refined style.


The use of guitar pedals is what really makes JAWS, and is executed fabulously- making sounds that sound so far away from a guitar.


Manchester’s infamous chants could be heard, as “Manchester la la la” radiated around the room, with teens shouting it at the top of their lungs. The exuberant crowd responded accordingly to the upbeat tracks, turning the room into a sweaty hot box.


‘Surround You’ was arguably one of the best received tracks, which prompted Schofield to dub Manchester as “one of his favourite shows of the tour so far.”

‘Right In Front Of Me’ ended their set, before ‘Interlude’ played out as the band departed from the stage before returning to perform the final two tracks.


‘On The Sunshine’ played, before the adrenaline built for the final song from the band, ‘Gold’.


Every ounce of energy left from the crowd was expressed during the final track, which was released back in 2013. Despite being an older track, this timeless track doesn’t get old and was a perfect song to close the evening.


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