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King No-One at Sound Control- Review

King No-One, the indie four-piece band hailing from York made their debut headline appearance in Manchester at Sound Control on December 7.


Sauntering onto the stage at an earlier time of 8:30pm, a large handful of drunken teenagers gathered prior to the start of their set to form a crowd in anticipation for the band’s arrival.


The four piece, consisting of front man Zach Lount, guitarist Joe Martin, drummer James Basile and bassist Alex Townsley, have a brilliant aesthetic- all kitted out in skinny white jeans. Lount completes the look, dressed in a metallic open shirt with glitter highlighting his cheeks.


From the onset, their catchy melodies only encouraged copious amounts of dancing from the audience, as young girls wooed over Lount as they touched his chest.


Opening up with ‘Philosophical’, ‘Stay Close’ followed next, before the crowd erupted upon hearing the first initial notes to the band’s latest and one of their most popular tracks, ‘Alcatraz’.

The band holds the perfect stage presence. Throughout their whole performance, it became noticeable that the band love performing live, as they fired their own confetti cannons, resulting in cheers from the younger-dominated audience.


Delivering an extremely tight and faultless performance from start to finish, their songs provide infectious choruses and wonderful catchy guitar riffs teamed with remarkable vocals from Lount.


Amongst the nine-song set list were other equally as upbeat and captivating tracks such as ‘Gold’, ‘Constellations’ and ‘Halo’ to name a few- all managing to keep the audience in the palm of their hands.


Their set is injected with constant elements of fun, as the band interact with the audience here and there, with Lount explaining the inspiration for the band’s name.


“No one should be king, we are all born equal- we are all King No-One”, Lount explained, captivating the crowd with their inspiring messages, which also weave through the lyrics of their songs.


The band proceeded to play one of their most well known songs ‘Millenium’ to conclude the set. Lount’s vocals once again stood out as being impeccable.


It soon became one of the most memorable songs of the night, with members of the audience bouncing along to the catchy track.


The band gave off a powerful indie rock vibe which had the audience fixated on their performance throughout the whole set- showing promise to become very popular in the near future.


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