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Night Moves- Carl Sagan- EP Review

INFUSED with space sounds of the future- likening them to the big neo-psychedelic representatives, Tame Impala, Night Moves are keeping to the trend with their latest EP, Carl Sagan, yet still don’t forget to cling onto their country roots.

The five-track EP opens with Carl Sagan. The guitar led track notably drives the melody, yet the overbearing slide guitar detracts from the vocals.

The muddied vocals continue through to the next track, Drum Test, which also is loosely structured with no real definitive chorus. As a result of overpowering trippy synth, the vocals are once again lost.

Lovely Lately is loaded with 70’s country vibes. The harmonica acts as a chorus and gives way to the distorted vocals, yet the build-ups don’t lead to anything and leave the listener hanging.

Wondering How is packed with futuristic synth, yet you can’t help but notice it’s likeness to The Killers.

Ending on a high, the EP ends with the favoured track, Maria. With noteably clearer vocals and a simpler structure, the guitars still become the main feature of the ballad; yet result in a country western feel to the final track; a pleasant finish from the band.


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