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High Tyde at the Deaf Institute- Review

Fresh off the back from supporting four-piece band, The Hunna’s, UK tour, Brighton-based four piece, High Tyde embarked upon their UK headline tour- beginning in one of Manchester’s notoriously intimate small venues, The Deaf Institute on March 13th.

As teenagers began to tightly pack into the historic venue (previously an institute for the deaf), Pale White took to the support slot. The Newcastle-born trio, consisting of three brothers, provided roaring rhythm sections and encouraged the audience to psych themselves up for the set that was to follow from High Tyde.

As the young Brighton band embarked upon the stage and embraced the cheers, the four-piece plunged into their newly released track, Keep On’. The band explained previously how “the song is about living outside the box in our hands. Finding a re-connection with ourselves and everyday things without social media. We spend a lot of our time refreshing feeds, it’s about finding time to balance yourself away from all the websites, applications, network shares, lets go.”

The song boasts as much power as previous hits from the band, such as ‘Dark Love,’ yet was a risky move to open their set with, as fans were not as familiar as they would have been with other tracks.

However, with a Manchester crowd, the brilliant reaction to the initial track was a given from the supportive northern crowd. “You’re better than the South,” frontman and bassist, Cody Thomas-Matthews, explained, “and we shouldn’t say that because we’re from the South, but you set the bar high!”

With frequent and bizarre samples interwoven between songs, such as samples of a bible speech and phone calls, the uniqueness of them managed to capture the audience- even between new songs from the band.

In such a small and intimate venue, the band managed to capture the atmosphere that could reflect that of a much larger gig. Treating the crowd to a variety of tracks from older EP’s and more recent EP’s, their set was overflowing with energy, which had the crowd constantly bouncing.

The hotly tipped band delivered an electric set teamed with fitting strobe lighting that harmonized with their sound and style, delivering a performance that proved that they have the potential to fill venues the size of the 02 Ritz as headliners themselves in the near future.

Ending their set with their notorious track, ‘Dark Love’, the Sussex southerners sent the northern crowd into frenzy, and teen’s pogo-ed along to the final track of their set.



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