Boomtown Fair Release DSTRKT 5

Boomtown Fair release DSTRKT 5


The festival’s unique mythos attracts 60,000 visitors a year with it’s elaborate stages and diverse selection of music. Celebrating ska, reggae, dub, swing as well as roots and bass culture, it is divided into districts, each with its own camping ground.


With every year holding a different story for the festival theme, ‘Behind the Mask’ tells a story of a town teetering on the edge of disaster, before a benevolent corporation called Bang Hai helps to build a new society from the ashes of the old. Bang Hai challenged the old order, and from the ruins of the once mighty palace, a new and even more impressive symbol of the future arose, and the new Bang Hai tower looked across the city with a message of hope to all of Boomtown.


Leaving all preconceptions behind, ‘DSTRKT 5’s’ neon underworld of bass has been revealed, where the weird gets wild and nothing is out of bounds. With drum & bass, techno and jungle with multiple street venues ready to be indulged; this party arena is sure to be a lively one.


The Robotika stage will be hosting some legendary bass pioneers, headed by junglists Aphrodite, Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, Ray Keith and Storm whose unique blend of drum & bass elevated the genre, inspiring a whole host of electronic artists who came after.


Dubstep pioneers and next generation artists will be delivering waist-winding sets of dancehall infused bassline, headed by devastating Buffalo Charge duo Dub Phizix & Strategy, Gutterfunk collective DJ Die, Dismantle and Addison Groove, selector Jamie Rodigan and original Badman’s Star One, with Manc crew Swing Tingz bringing bashment into the dance. Drumsound & Bassline Smith will also be shocking the system in a way only they can and rock influenced Freestylers show D&B versatility.


The stage, The Scrapyard will also be home to all things Gabba, whilst the Spaceport stage mixes bassline with funk, disco and bass in a line up packed with under the radar party vibes and hopes to return even bigger and better for 2017.


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