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An Interview With Skepsis

Hey Skepsis! What have you been up to at the moment?


I’ve just finished university so I’ve moved back to London and I’m just currently working on loads of new music and playing shows! A lot is going on behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share it all.

What shows have you got planned around Manchester at the moment?


Well I played Bassfest in Manchester last Saturday, which was a massive all day and night festival celebrating all things bassline and UK bass. I’ve also played at Antwerp Mansion, which is a sick venue – the crowd here is always lively. The northern crowd are mad! They respond to most tunes and always make it a fun time there.


How old were you when you first got into music?


The first CD I ever bought was Gorillaz – Demon Days when I was ten, but production and Djing wise, I was about fourteen or fifteen when I started toying with them. I didn’t have a break ‘til I was nineteen, so it just shows you have to keep going!


What did you enjoy when you were younger? Was music always a passion or were there other things too?


Music has always been a passion for me. I played the drums until I was about sixteen and got to grade 4. I also have had piano lessons and been in an orchestra. In school my friend and I were some of the only people into heavier electronic music when we were in year 9 and 10. It’s always given me a special feel listening to new music!


When was the first time you got your hands on a pair of decks?


I was fifteen! I saved up for a year to get some Pioneer CDj350s and was soooo gassed when they arrived. I actually learnt on vinyl with Serato as it was what was being advertised in my school where I learnt, but once I had my decks me and my mate started Djing parties for a bit of money and experience.

What has been the most memorable experiences of your career so far?


So much has happened in the past year or so – playing Boomtown festival, selling out headline shows, becoming peers with some of my idols, almost getting top 20 on iTunes dance chart. It’s been a pretty mad journey and is hopefully only the start, especially with the festival season this year about to happen!


How would you describe your sets?


Energetic, gritty and powerful.


What goes down well at your sets?


A lot of my own tunes, especially as people have often come to see me play them. I also love playing new and unheard tunes, which pop off – the sure sign of a banger.

That brings us to this year, what shows have you already played this year? 


Because I’ve been in my final year of Uni I haven’t done as many gigs up ‘til now this year, although I have still done O2 academies in Sheffield and Leeds, Fabric, Bassline Festival, and various other sick places. I’ve got 9 festivals this summer and I’m excited for every single one! Check my Facebook page for more details on those.


Where else are you playing this summer? 


One place i’m looking forward to would definitely be Outlook, in Croatia. My first festival abroad, doing a set at a boat party as well, which I can’t wait for!


You’re playing Boomtown, are you looking forward to it?


Oh yeah, especially as I was there last year raving, so I’ve seen it from both sides. I did a set in the Job Centre last year, which was crazy, however this year on the Banghai Towers stage is going to be something special. In terms of detail the festival is second to none – you really have to experience it to understand.


What does everybody have to look forward to with Skepsis’ music this year?


I haven’t released much in a while due to aforementioned Uni stress – but there is a lot in the pipeline believe me! A debut EP, a remix for a major label, an EP I have co-produced for Bru-C, and loads more. Looking forward to everyone hearing it!


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