Yang Sing: Manchester’s Chinese Restaurant That Has Been Open For Four Decades

Situated on Princess Street in Manchester, one of Manchester’s oldest Chinese restaurants, Yang Sing, invited VIVA over to their restaurant to sample one of their finest personalised banquets…

Descending down the stairs into the smartly decorated restaurant, we were led to our table where our waiter asked what our favourite Chinese foods were before he proceeded to design a banquet tailored to our tastes.

The evening began with a dish of char sui pork and pork belly beautifully marinated in the sauce, before plates of duck spring rolls, char sui pork buns, pork dumplings and beef dumplings of ‘Dim Sum’ punctually arrived together.

 The char sui pork buns were a highlight of the ‘Dim Sum’ with a fluffy and unusual texture to anything remotely similar to British cuisine. As the restaurant manager also explained to us, the ‘Dim Sum’ certainly lived up to it’s name- meaning ‘delicately crafted from the heart.’

Following the ‘Dim Sum’, we were served a generous amount of crispy duck and pancakes- our favourite part of the banquet! The plum sauce was delicious and didn’t detract from the crispiness of the duck, combining two great flavours and textures to create one fantastic taste.

The starters arrived- pan fried ostrich and pork salt and pepper ribs. This was admittedly the most challenging part of the banquet. Unfortunately the ostrich wasn’t to our personal taste and the pork ribs also felt a lot more challenging to eat as opposed to lamb ribs, so we decided to hold back slightly on this course and save room for the mains.

 After a ten-minute breather to let our food go down (and slacken our belts ever so slightly) we were served up two mains; one chicken based and one beef based. The sweet and sour chicken had the perfect sauce consistency- not too gloopy and not too vinegary like some Chinese restaurants are guilty of.

The pan-fried beef was also someone of a spectacle. Dished up in a scorching hot stone bowl, the meat was then set alight by our waiter resulting in an impressive roaring flame that had turned the heads of every other diner in the restaurant.

Overall, our visit to Yang Sing had to be one of the best Chinese restaurants we have ever visited. It becomes very obvious throughout the banquet that this family run restaurant has been kept for generations through their love for the food trade and ambition to strive to succeed in the best of their cuisine that they can offer.


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