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Dua Lipa: She Guaranteed She Would” Blow Our Minds…(Mwah)”

Pop singer and songwriter, Dua Lipa, rewrote the rulebook when she graced Manchester Academy for her self-titled tour, leaving an awe-inspiring message … “DON’T TEXT HIM BACK!”


Selling out the show months prior to the gig, Dua Lipa has already racked up a fantastic catalogue of singles. From ‘Scared to be Lonely’ with Martin Garrix, to the infectious, ‘Hotter than Hell’, almost every song on the gig’s setlist has the potential to be the next big single for Lipa.

As soon as the lights dim, 22-year-old singer of the hit single, ‘New Rules’, appears on the stage; her infectious energy capturing the entire audience and hundreds of fans looking up to their role model of female empowerment as the initial notes of ‘Hotter than Hell’ radiate around the room.


It’s a simple performance for Lipa: with only three musicians joining her on stage, she proves to the crowds that she doesn’t need excessive production, costume changes and backing dancers. Her voice and stage presence is more than enough to hold the audience for her entire set.


Taking to the stage in a grey tartan two-piece that looks slightly like a pair of pyjamas, Dua Lipa is the type of girl who would look amazing in a potato sack. Her effortless style mirrors her effortless yet stunning vocal performance, which is shown through the different dynamics of songs that appear on her debut album.


Whilst showing her confident attitudes to taking no trouble from men in her track, ‘IDGAF’, Dua Lipa also exposes her most vulnerable side during ‘No Goodbyes,’ toning down the pace with the whole audience waving their lights in the air.

Returning for an encore, Lipa has the audience in the palm of her hands when she performs her latest and most popular single, ‘New Rules’. The crowd sing back to Lipa before she manages to have the Academy jumping for one last chorus.


Dua Lipa. She’s ‘Hotter than Hell,’ she taught us ‘New Rules’ and she most definitely guaranteed us that she could ‘Blow Our Minds…’ all in a nights work.


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